Pine Lane Pembrokes

Pine Lane Pembrokes


Meet the girls! These beautiful AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis are the lovely moms ( some retired) to our puppies. 

Diamond in the rough “ Jewel” 

Jewel is a fluffy tricolor. She had been genetically tested and found clear of DM, EIC, & VWD. Her hips are fair and eyes are good. She is an exceptionally sweet natured girl & an absolutely wonderful mother. She gets along well with all the other dogs, cats, chickens, & sheep and she loves children. She’s never “nippy” & is not a barker. In short, she’s simply a joy to be around 

Stonehart I Believe in Magic “Magic” 

Magic, who is an international champion, has produced three outstanding litters for us from which we kept three puppies to add to the breeding program. Bracken, Sparkles, & most recently Roy are all progeny of Magic & Kracken. She chose my grand daughter as “her person” so she will live out her life here for many years to come & will not be available to rehome once she retires. She has an outstanding temperament and absolutely loves kids. She is also pictured on our home page along with her daughter, Bracken. 


Bracken, who is a UKC champion, is the lovely girl gracing the forefront of our home page. She is a home bred girl sired by Kracken out of Magic. She’s one of those dogs who’s always by your side with no hint of the stubbornness that can sometimes be associated with her breed. She has shown a little drive with the sheep though not equal to that of her siblings & tends to be more quiet natured than most. She adapts well to new situations & has never met a stranger. 


The largest of the girls, weighing in at 28 pounds is Ginger, a red fluffy who is the sweetest! She gets along with all other dogs & animals. She loves children and is very low key in the house spending her time following them around & lying where they are playing. Outside her energy will match whomever has her attention making her a very fun playmate. 

Pine Lane Pembroke Corgis