Pine Lane Pembrokes

Pine Lane Pembrokes


Upcoming litters 

We have a planned litter between Breyerwood Royal Heir/CC Bracken. These puppies should be born in October 2024 & ready 12/25

Jewel is a fluffy tricolor. She has been genetically tested and found clear of DM, EIC, & VWD. Her hips are fair and eyes are good. She is an exceptionally sweet natured girl & an absolutely wonderful mother. She gets along well with all the other dogs, cats, chickens, & sheep and she loves children.She's never "nippy" & is not a barker. In short, she's simply a joy to be around. Jewel weighs 23 pounds and her due date is Dec 10. Puppies will be available for their new homes mid/late February. I have kept back 2 puppies from their previous litters as they have not failed to produce outstanding temperaments, excessively gorgeous coats & beautiful conformation. This will be Jewel’s last litter 

Kracken… what more can I say about Kracken that I’ve not said 1000 times? At 10 yrs of age it all still applies. He’s got an exemplary temperament he passes on to his puppies. He has an easy going nature, does not bark much at all, gets along with everyone regardless of species, has a people pleasing attitude & all that in a beautiful representation of his breed. 

Pine Lane Pembroke Corgis